Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Ghostrider – Voices c33

I'm a total sucker for 80's sounding synth stuff, and Voices is just dripping with those sort of neon retro-futuristic tunes. The majority of the tracks are all about oscillating electronics, but there a couple of meandering pieces you can trance out to. My only complaint? I wanted way more than 30 minutes.

Tranquility Tapes

Jen Paul / No Lakes - † c50

Niiiiice, got some minimalist, atmospheric guitar action going on here. Gently plucked strings ripple across the audio spectrum and before you know it, you've drifted off. isn't an ambient record, but certainly establishes an ambiance. Good vibes, you know?

Haute Magie

Remnants v. Collapsed Arc – split c30

First up on this split is Remnants, who lets loose with a massive, pulsing drone of sine wave fluctuations. As the track progresses, electronic rumblings appear that amp up the intensity until reaching crescendo, with things fading away into harsh swirling winds. On the flip is Collapsed Arc with a side long track of the usual fantastic spliced and looped sound skullfuckery. Whilst I found this to be rad, you're going to need an ear equally as eclectic to really enjoy this.

A Soundesign Recording

Velvet Elvis – No Rules in the Wasteland c31

Velvet Elvis kicks off No Rules in the Wasteland off with a 15 minute, side long burner of gritty, spaced out 70's style rock. “Fuckin' epic” is an understatement. Not quite full on stoner rock, but kind of a proto-stoner sound, if that makes sense. On the flip we get two more heavy jams and a weird little spoken word, sound collage piece. I'm diggin the use of duel male & female vocals they have going on. Definitely worth snagging a copy.


Welfare Queen – Chinese Medicine c34

Playing what it describes as “opiate rock” I'm really liking what Welfare Queen has done here. Alternating between gaze-y pop and driven rock, there's a dreaminess and a sense of melancholy that underpins Chinese Medicine. Interestingly, half the tape has shorter songs with lyrics, while the other is longer instrumental pieces; each managing to be as enjoyable as the other. A soundtrack to bittersweet reminiscences, check it out.

Tent Revivalist Tapes

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