Friday, September 30, 2011


Baalberith/Razakel Krieg – Dawn of a New Existence cd-r

For those hoping the Baalberith half of this split will be Abortion of Religious Futility Part 2, you're out of luck. The earlier thrash undertones have been replaced with melodic aspects. No, I'm not talking keyboards or a computerized orchestra or that type of bullshit, but noticeably richer and complex guitar work. Baalberith is still playing kvlt black metal, so just calm down. Razakel Krieg, the solo project of Baalberith's vocalist, fills out the rest of the cd with some solid black metal. It's good stuff, but Baalberith is a hard act to follow. Interesting to see how Baalberith's sound is evolving as well as hearing the solo work from it's founder & vocalist. Check it out.

Dark Meadow Recordings

Grasshopper – Classical Music c20

Woooah dude...Grasshopper lets loose on the screws with a sidelong mash up of low frequency drones and cosmic pulse tones. On the B we get served up 10 minutes of rumbling, squealing sound formations. Jams straight from Azathoth's pipers.

905 Tapes

J&Y – J&Y c24

I hope you're ready for your daily dose of krautrock weirdness, cause J&Y is serving it up...Big time. Thing start off with three instrumental tracks composed of fuzzy electronics, bass, and drums. There's a little garage vibe, but not enough to label things as being rough. The A gets wrapped up with a Sebadoh cover that's markedly different in sound, with dreamy synth and vocals. On the flip is a massive chunk of slowed down electric sound and manipulated samples. Recommended.

Plus Tapes

Misantronics – Cacotopia cd-r

Another collection of improv tracks, the music on Cacotopia has a much grittier, industrial feel than on the earlier Moral Panic And The End Of Reason. It seems like things are a little tighter here, too. The electronic percussion, rumbling ambient, and slabs of noise seem to have been crafted together slightly more fluidly than before. This is the bleak soundtrack to a dystopian future.

Dark Meadow Recordings

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