Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Baalberith – Abortion of Religious Futility cd-r

Playing a more technical style of black metal than their contemporaries, along with incorporating a thrash undertone, Baalberith produces some truly kult music. Instead of following a straight ahead, by-the-numbers, sound formula on Abortion of Religious Futility, each song's style is slightly different from the others, the proportion of technicality or trashicality in relation to what each track requires. This can be a risky move and totally wreck an album by not giving it a sense of cohesiveness, but that's not an issue here. Recommended.

Dark Meadow Recordings

Cornucopia – Quasar c21

Rumbling soundscapes that manage to be loud with out being harsh, Quasar takes you for a ride on waves of pure audio goodness. Sit back and relax my friend, let Cornucopia do the work. Yea...

905 Tapes

Ghoul Detail – Medicated cd-r

This is some exceedingly sinister drone right here. Ghoul Detail uses the sound of industrial machinery to create rhythmic percussion which is mixed with densely structured loops, crating a baleful, ominous atmosphere. My only point of contention was the track Septic Specter, which employed some electronic drums that sounded more fit for a drum and bass song. This complaint aside, Medicated is just what the doctor has prescribed if you've grown weary of spacey, synthed out drone and ambient.

Dark Meadow Recordings

Happy Jawbone Family Band – The Return of Hotel Double Tragedy c44

Garage pop with heavy dose of americana and blue grass, The Return of Hotel Double Tragedy is a goofy album, but in a good way. I suspect a lot of people wont even bother to give this a chance because it's outside their usual musical stomping ground, but it's some impressive lo-fi pop music. Take a chance.

Spooky Town

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