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A. A. Kibanov – Trash Trash Trash Noise-n-Roll c26

Have we reached the age of post-noise? Where an improvised harmonica played over amplified static constitutes an actual genre of music that's linage can be traced from “post-noise” to “noise” to “no wave” to “new wave”? Or, is this just a bunch of random sounds and annoying racket mashed together? You're going to have to be the judge of that. Either way, this is 11 tracks of static, harmonica, screaming, samples, guitars, and occasional percussion.

Felt Cat Records

Al Qaeda – Hundreds of Wives Only a Few are Dead c38

There's some pretty sweet rhythmic ambient stuff going on here. Lots of cool synth and guitar work that makes you want to sit back and drift off. Too bad this is limited to like only 25 copies, cause it should be in your collection.

Bum Tapes

Men Diamler – Live c44

Somewhat of a departure from my usual listening repertoire, Men Diamler is a one man folk/blues/gospel act out of the UK. This particular recording is a selection of live pieces from a recent tour and I suspect if the title wasn't Live, you wouldn't have guessed that it is. Enjoyable enough, but it wont find heavy rotation on my cassette deck simply because it's not my scene. You probably already know if you're going to dig this or not. I will say there are a couple of tracks, like Sagging Pets and Black Pudding River, where Men gets to stompin and really lets his voice go, which was rad. Like I said, you prolly already know if this is up your alley, but if you're up for something new, give this a shot.

Bum Tapes

Moloch - Misanthropie ist der einzige Weg zur Reinheit c85

There's a reason this is the 2nd reissue of this Moloch album in as many years. Raw black metal interwoven with impressive atmospheric sections, Moloch is way above most of the crap coming out of Eastern Europe's black metal scene. The vocals are especially memorable, sounding like a cross between a wolf howling into a child shrieking into a storm drain. That may sound goofy, but it actually works really well. Misanthropie... should provide you with your kvlt black metal fix for a while.

Husk Records

o/Taklamakan – Split c62

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill out in the gulf has nothing on the sludge being pumped out here by o. It's synth driven, but just a little gritty; entirely epic. Taklamakan follow with a single track of rumbling that ebbs and flows from barley audible to harsh, but stays reserved in the decibels. Normally I don't like it when noise bleeds over into drone, but Taklamakan is the exception. You need this tape.

Felt Cat Records


TxQxBx reminds me a lot of the American noisecore scene circa early 2000's. With the speed record having long been broken in the 90's by everyone from Deche-Charge to ops-psf, the emphasis shifted from being the fastest to sounding the harshest. Soaking everything in feedback was the reason for the season and what little song structure existed in noisecore was entirely forsaken for chaotic improvisation. Honestly, it's not a style of noisecore I'm into, but TxQxBx manage to play it skillfully, if you can fathom feedback being played skillfully. If you like it loud and sloppy, you need to get your grubby hands on SPONTANEOUSDEATH!.

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